Nigerian IT Admins and How they Politically Back UP – The BATS The Atikulated and The Obidients

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Differential backups only back up the files that have changed since the previous full backup, while incremental backups do the same, they back up the files that have changed since the previous incremental or full backup.

Nigerian IT Admins How they backup

1.BAT Admins only do incremental backups and only at night
if their bank accounts no contune to increase since you become governor or begin tiff nigerian money dem no go back you up

2. Atiku Admins only do differential backups if the last payment you made when you ran for president and we gave you full backup is no different or no change we no go back you up o !

3.Obidients only do Full backup even if 1 and 2 no dey we go still Back you UP !

IT Admins People Who take care of Computers Phones and Servers

Backup A Proces that saves your files in case you lose them and can recover them

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