Bathroom accidents are becoming rampant. Last year, I sadly got the news that a former neighbour who moved to his house fell in his bathroom and died. Yesterday, I read the news though unconfirmed that a nollywood star, fell in his bathroom and leading to his demise sadly.
Here are few bathroom safety tips I extracted.
1 – To add to it, *MOST SLIPS* in the bathroom often occur due to *WET FLOORS* .
2 – Keep your bathroom floors *DRY ALWAYS,* it’s a ‘bathroom’ and not a ‘puddle-floor’.
3 – Get a bathroom *FLOOR MAT.* There are several types.
4 – when building your house, do not use *ceramic tiles* instead, use *safety floors tiles* especially for the bathroom.
5 – Use preferably *WOOD FLOORS* for your bathroom floor
6 – there are new *plastics bathtubs* instead of ceramic one.
7 – towel your feet, after bath a
8 – Do not try to go answer calls while in the bathroom.
Take your bathroom safety seriously.
Chino Obasi – 16/05/23

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